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Currently, there are n°21 Lok Yiu Wing Chun schools opened in Europe. They are opened only by those who have passed the instructors’ examination, who have a strong motivation and who can enjoy the total support of their Sifu. There are no limitations on the opening whereabouts of a new school. The ELYWCIMAA actually encourages people to move as far as their ambition and future perspectives guide them. Opening a Wing Chun school requires a commitment and it must also be seen as a proper business venture. The ELYWCIMAA wants to help and support the initiative of their instructors and has been working towards projects that will enhance its capability of doing so. 

4 countries, until now, are part of the ELYWCIMAA: the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. In Switzerland, there are n°2 schools held by the National Representatives and n°1 held by a head school student. 

Sifu DARIO GRASSO has a school in 
He is one of the national head school in Switzerland.

Sifu PETER STEINER has a school in 
He is one of the national head school in Switzerland.